My work life has been in journalism as a photographer, writer, editor, and manager, and in academia, as a professor teaching most of those same skills.

Journalism took me to a variety of locations across the United States and to Africa, thanks to the beneficence of The Christian Science Monitor, the San Jose Mercury News and San Francisco Business magazine.

I teach photography now at the College of San Mateo and was a journalism professor for a number of years recently at Principia College.

Laced through all my adult years has been a deep love of photography. It has helped me see more of what is around me. It is my way of taking a place in the world.

My formal education includes a degree in Anthropology from the University of California Santa Barbara and completion of an immersive study of photography with Glen Fishback in the school that bore his name.

More and more I am able to explore and faithfully express what I see and experience of the world through images. I hope they say something to you.